The Missing Documents Panel For Adobe Photoshop

For Adobe Photoshop CC

Mac and Windows

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View and Manage open Documents

DOCO lets you view all your open documents in Adobe Photoshop and can quickly switch between them. No more trying to figure out which Photoshop document tab is the one you want. With real time preview, this is the panel you always wanted.


Select one or more documents and drag to merge. It has never been easier to manage open Adobe Photoshop documents while you work.


Doco brilliantly lets you copy selected layers or adjustments from document to document with a simple drag and drop. Moreover, drop the layers icon outside and Doco will create a new document for you. How awesome is that!

Close documents

Easily close multiple documents without going over each document.

Rotate documents

Rotate multiple documents left or right by 90 degrees in just one click. No need to rotate documents one by one or create complicated actions.

Paste on multiple documents

Need to paste the same content on multiple documents? No problem, copy, select target document and click the paste button.

Match image size

Doco can match the image size of multiple documents to the size of the current document in a click of a button. No need for complicated actions and batch processes.

Merge selected documents

Select multiple documents and click the merge button. Doco will automatically merge all documents to the current document. No more dragging layers around!

Doco completely transformed how I worked with Photoshop, working with many open documents is now so much easier.

Benjamin Trigalou, UI Designer.

Doco is the best thing that happened to Photoshop in the last couple of years. I love it.

Yaro Bril, Photographer.

The more I used Photoshop, the more I relied on Doco. It made document handling so fast and easy I cannot go back.

Roberto Alanis (and his dog), Web designer and developer.